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KINBA sewing thread for jeans is an original product developed using the experience Azuma has cultivated over many years of sewing jeans. Please contact us for more information.
  • Developed as sewing thread for jeans. Its strength is maintained during sewing and reduces thread breakage during hard post-processing sewing.
  • Its surface is cotton which makes it well-suited to denim fabric textures, and various forms of processing create finishes adapted to the fabric.
  • This product was designed with authentic, vintage products in mind. It has the texture of old-fashioned cotton thread and discoloration that works well with denim fabrics.
  • In addition to the normal 500 colors, we have added 100 colors to each low counts #20, #30 and #50, putting us near the top domestically in terms of color variation.
  • Exceptional wear resistance makes this thread compatible with hard processing such as stone washing.
  • Low counts are available so it can also be used for decorative stitches with shiny textures.

About garment-dye (post-sewing dyeing)
Colors #27 and #28 are for post-sewing dyeing. (C27 is non-fluorescent bleached white; C28 is off-white).
  1. With garment-dye (post-sewing dyeing), the finish differs depending on the processing method. Be sure to use only after confirming with a sample test.
  2. Cotton materials will undergo discoloration with the washing process (bleach, bio (bacteriology)). Please view the processing samples as a reference and confirm with a sample test.
  3. The strength of cotton materials weakens with bio-processing, so be sure to confirm with a sample test.
  4. When the core is used in post-sewing dyeing, a marbled effect may occur because the polyester in the core is not dyed. For this reason, be sure to confirm with a sample test.